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Here's What Some Clients Had to Say

"...My deep gratitude to universe is that I was linked to Kathy Ann Stubbs who I came to know and trust as a clear channel of the Light. If you want to hear your personal message, I strongly recommend that you work with Kathy.

Contact her now and get what could be life changing or eye-opening information. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire, so while her skills and talents are being discovered, you have the opportunity to work with her without waiting months for an appointment."

Embrace the transformative power of bokeh and experience energetic healing through the guidance of a spiritual healer. Channeling light and positive vibrations, this unique approach promotes wellbeing and inner balance. Open your

LORRETT, Atlanta, Georgia

"...My experience with Kathy was beautiful. She is such a beautiful spirit and was committed to my highest and best healing. We worked every other day on the phone for three weeks. And we Worked!! On multiple layers. So much came up for healing. And healed it. My initial presenting issue was my physical chest and respiratory healing. And it has healed. There were deep emotional healings, and spiritual strengthening. I felt Kathy really went the extra mile with me. She gave me may tools that I will always be able to use. She is a remarkable energy healer."

Rays of light emanating from a dark background, offering spiritual and energetic healing services.

GINNA, Fresno, California

"Healing through Spirit is the most significant way to heal in these modern times. Most of us have lost our way a little and have forgotten who we really are. By healing through spirit, the changes are profound and when we recognize those changes and see clearly how “sick” we were before the healing, and how pain free and balanced we have become after the healing, well let me just say it is enlightening because we are Spiritual Beings first and foremost. Kathy Stubbs is that kind of a Healer. She knows how to connect with Spirit and bring in the healing simply by restoring us to who we really are. Kathy uses many techniques, some of my favorites are “heart healing” and restoring polarity. I suggest you give Kathy a try and prepare to fall back in Love with yourself. The fee for her time is minimal and worth every penny.

I was home sick with what I thought was the flu when I decided to give Kathy a call for a healing. I had been writhing most of the day in pain and discomfort and it began to dawn on me that I had contacted some discordant energies and was holding on to those that did not match my true energy. Kathy worked on me that evening and what a huge difference it made. Unknown to me at the time, I would be testing positive for COVID-19 is a few days. Well my bout with COVID has gone very smoothly and my experience just proves that we are Spiritual Beings first and foremost. I recommend you call Kathy for a healing if you have COVID or any other dis-ease."

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AJ, Montana

The channeling experience I had from Kathy Stubbs was extraordinary compared to a typical channeling. As a former partner in a metaphysical bookstore, I have had quite a number of channelings. On that basis, I found the channeling by Kathy to be actually multidimensional. Not only was it relaying information from the Masters, it was interactive! I have never had this aspect of a channeling before. Perhaps its because Kathy has dedicated her life to be of service as a healer, that she naturally can do this. She had me do breathwork to clear and heal. Since my interest in receiving channeling is to grow and heal and live my best life, I found my channeling with Kathy to be so rewarding.

I would also like to speak to Kathy’s dedication to only channeling the Highest Masters. This is not always the case, as I have encountered some who channel their Higher Self or through the filter of personal perception and belief system. Kathy rigorously guards against this pitfall. I know that it is Kathy’s sincere intention to only speak truth as she performs a type of muscle testing before she speaks in just normal conversation. Kathy’s ability to get to Truth of what is right for a client is brought home to me viscerally. My body gives me feedback when I hear spiritual truth by filling me with a chill. This happens when Kathy speaks. Lastly, what makes a channeling from Kathy so exceptional is that a day after the channeling she called to “check in” with me I can count only one time that has happened. This time, with Kathy! I assure you, you will not be disappointed in scheduling a channeling session with Kathy Stubbs. I am deeply grateful for mine."

An Akashic Records consultation, offering spiritual and energetic services, surrounded by a golden light burst against a black background.

MARIE, Alaska

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Amethyst crystals, known for their powerful energetic healing properties, are highly sought after by individuals seeking spiritual healing. With their ability to channel and balance energy, these crystals have gained a reputation as