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Holistic Energy Healing

My unique talents, skills and intuition assist you to go inward to discover and free energetic restrictions and blockages. This allows for healing and balancing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of your body.

Energetic Treatments & Channeling

  • Reconnect to Your Higher Self

    During a channeling, receive helpful messages from your Higher Self about how to bring more joy into your life.

  • Discover the Answers You Seek

    The source of the answer may come from the Divine, your Akashic Records, or from a healing session.

  • Connect to Divine Universal Energy

    In all channeling and treatment sessions, there is an intention set that this spiritual work is guided by Divine Universal Energy.

  • Alleviate Pain and Underlying Causes

    Those healing modalities that offer the best results will be applied during the Energetic Healing Session.

  • Feel Inner Joy and Peace

    The immense love felt during a Channeling with the Divine Beings of Light, brings a sense of joy and peace.

  • Eliminate Stress and Enhance Calm

    Experiencing an Energetic Treatment allows your body to relax and your mind to come to a place of stillness and calm.

A purple icon of a person meditating in a lotus position, representing holistic healing.

What Is Holistic Energy Healing?

Rather than treating one health problem at a time, holistic medicine treats the whole person. By addressing the mind, body, and spirit, holistic therapy also prevent health issues from developing. This philosophy is based on equilibrium and balance. To achieve overall healthy wellness, holistic healing combines traditional treatments with alternative practices.

A woman's hands radiating a bright light, embodying the transformative power of energetic healing.
A woman is holding her hands out in front of a tree, offering spiritual healing and channeling energies.
A purple icon of a man meditating in a lotus position, symbolizing spiritual healing and holistic practices.

Holistic Energy Healing Approach

Kalei is here to support those on a healing journey. The healer is you, and she is only the facilitator of your healing.

Kalei is not a doctor, nor does she diagnose. She does not claim to fix ailments or diseases. Instead, she guides you with tools that will help you heal and maintain your wellness. She is committed to supporting you with all her intentions, skills, knowledge,
intuition, and support from the divine.

Kalei has a unique ability to guide you through your akashic records. She guides you to experience, like a movie, your past life events. With her guidance to past life events, you will discover the sources of the ailments you are currently experiencing in this life.

Holistic Energy Healing Modalities

Kalaei utilizes several alternative medicine techniques through her holistic energy healing work.

A purple icon depicting a meditating man in a lotus position, representing spiritual and energetic services with a focus on channeling and energetic healing.

Akashic Record Reading

The database of the soul; a record of what happened to you in the past and present life.

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Divine wisdom to enhance your life and provide guidance or answers.

A purple color on a white background, representing holistic healing and channeling energies.

Healing Touch

A Healing Touch session supports your body's natural healing abilities by working with your energy field.

A purple hand with a spiral on it, offering spiritual and energetic healing services as a spiritual healer.

Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is an energy healing technique involving hand movements that allow the flow of energy to be guided to your

A spiritual healer utilizes energetic healing techniques to access the Akashic Records, connecting with divine knowledge for transformative and holistic therapies.

Biogenesis Therapy

The first step of a BioGenesis session is setting an intention for the release, healing, or attraction you wish to achieve.

A purple color with a white background and energetic healing services.

Holographic Healing

Multidimensional scan of the body for obstructions, making an intention to release any found, with divine help to bring the body into balance.

An energetic healing symbol, depicted as a purple square, glows on a serene white background.

Selenite Sword Mastery

Selenite Swords can raise the frequency of our physical body and energy system, which assist in healing.

A purple color on a white background, invoking a sense of spirituality and energy.

Cellular Release

You can release and clear all unresolved emotions, feelings, beliefs, habits, and patterns
that had accumulated in your life regardless of when they occurred.

 Spiritual Energy Healing Services

Everything is energy.  Together we can energetically heal any situation by shifting your energy on the Quantum level. Cleaning up your energy and rebalancing your light body can clear out any energetic blocks standing in the way of your success in all areas of your life. Every challenge has a spiritual solution and your Higher Self knows the answer to every question.